After volunteering at the Children's Home Society during the holiday season, nine year old Autumn realized there were few donations for shoes, especially for older children.   Autumn believed it was necessary to help these children and the No Bare Feet Project was born.  Autumn's goal is to make sure there are new and gently used shoes flowing into the Children's Home Society on a regular basis and hopes to expand her project to shelters and other areas of need in the Southwest Florida community.

Autumn's ultimate goal is to file for non-profit status and find a location in Southwest Florida to open the No Bare Feet "shoe closet."  This closet would be open to families with referrals from social services to come and try on/pick out shoes for their children.

"The No Bare Feet Project was created to make sure kids in our community have shoes.  People want to send supplies and shoes to Africa and Haiti.  Those areas are poor and need help, but they forget about the children in our own community.  There are families that need help here too.  Children should be able to go to school and church and play on the playground and outside in shoes that protect their feet."    "The Girl Scout Law specifically says to "Make the World a Better Place,"  but I didn't do this just because I am a girl scout.   I created this project because I care about the children in my community.  God says we should help the poor and those who need help.  This is just one small way to help make the world a better place for those families."

  • May 2014  - 1st donations made to the Children's Home Society of Southwest Florida.
  • September 2014 – Shoe drive at Allen Park Elementary to benefit Children's Home Society of Southwest Florida.
  • January 2015– Shoe donation delivered to A.C.T. 
  • March 2015  - Girl Scout Troop Drive
  • Summer 2015 - Shoe Collecting 
  • August 2015 - Shoe Delivery 
  • March 2016 - Girl Scout Service Unit Drive
  • April 2016 - Shoe and Clothing Delivery to CHS

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